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#1 special task trimmer

The ideal solution for shaving hair below the waist. Easy, simple and comfortable. Without any cuts. That’s the Shav.

Shav – An innovative men’s trimmer that will revolutionize intimate care

Shaving the area around the crutch can be quite a problematic issue for many men. It’s a delicate spot that needs special treatment – and to make the process easier, we’ve developed our shaver for intimate areas, Shav, which makes irritation-free shaving possible. Not sure how to shave your testicles to avoid cuts? Meet the cordless men’s trimmer that makes shaving your balls easier!

Shaving balls without irritation – with Shav it’s possible!

Every man who shaves his balls regularly has experienced unpleasant irritation or cuts at least once. To avoid this, it’s a good idea to get the right razor to shave your intimate area so that you can feel comfortable while safely getting rid of unwanted body hair. Men’s intimate shaving doesn’t have to be a taboo topic – let’s talk frankly about shaving your balls!

The main factor when choosing a razor is safety; after all, you don’t want to damage your testicles. A cordless shaver for men will definitely make it easier to navigate this delicate area. Classic disposable razors quickly become blunt, which can lead to tugging of the hair and, at the same time, the skin of the crutch. Despite what you may think, it’s not just a sharp razor that can do you harm. With CutFree technology and ceramic blades, you can forget about it. We want the shaving process to no longer be an unpleasant chore for you. To make shaving more comfortable, Shav is a waterproof trimmer for men, so you can use it in the shower, for example. Getting rid of hair should be done in a warm, moist place, so the bathroom is the ideal space for this. Plus, shaving in the shower definitely simplifies the cleaning issue. You’ll also appreciate the LED light that illuminates the area you’re shaving – for hard-to-reach spots like intimate areas, this is a great help.

How do you shave your testicles? Here are some useful tips

Choosing the right model of shaver can make shaving safe and comfortable, as well as effectively protecting against cuts and skin irritation, so the Shav is an excellent candidate. Once you’ve chosen the right tool, it’s time to get to work! Technique for getting rid of unwanted hair from the intimate area is just as important as the choice of razor, so it’s good to remember a few points to make the process of shaving your balls easier. We already know that the basics are sharp blades that won’t pull on delicate skin. If it’s been a while since you’ve shaved, it’s a good idea to gently trim your hair with scissors, for example, so that the shaving process goes much more smoothly and quickly. Remember, take your time. Even the best razor can irritate your skin with fast and chaotic movements. If you shave in the shower (which we recommend), wash your intimate area thoroughly. You can use a shaving cream or foam, but with a good razor this is not necessary – it all depends on your preference. Move the trimmer across the area, following the direction of hair growth. Dry your skin thoroughly after shaving. You can also use an after-shave cream/balm, but it’s not always necessary. And voilà! Enjoy smooth skin without any nicks or cuts.

And voilà! Enjoy smooth skin without irritation.