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Groomer for intimate areas
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  • Perfect for men’s intimate areas
  • Ceramic and stainless steel blade
  • CutFree technology
  • Cut-free, irritation-free shaving
  • IPX5 waterproof
  • Built-in LED light
  • Docking station included
  • 2 replaceable blade attachments
  • 90 minutes on a single charge

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#1 Special Task Trimmer

Created specifically for one purpose. A simple and safe solution to unwanted body hair in intimate areas.

Truly waterproof

Convenience and comfort in all conditions. You can use the Shav razor effortlessly in the shower - the shaving in such conditions is not only much easier, but also generates less mess.
What's more, you can easily clean the razor and remove any residual hair under running water.


A feeling of peace of mind and safety when shaving down below.
Incorporating our own proprietary CutFree technology into the device is a guarantee of efficiency and accuracy during use.
Forget about cuts - it really is simple.

Ceramic and stainless steel blade

High quality and long life ensured. Durability and better resistance to damage compared to traditional blades.
Their surface is much smoother and the corners are rounded. This minimizes the risk of skin irritation and cuts during shaving.

Shaving area illumination

The LED light integrated into the trimmer ensures comfortable shaving in the most inaccessible areas.
Even more control and precision during shaving.

Docking station with charger

Always ready to use - avoid the unnecessary stress and frustration of a discharged groomer.
Easy charging and storage. The perfect solution for tidiness, functionality as well as great looks.

Is the SHAV trimmer safe for the skin?

Is Shav trimmer waterproof?

What is CutFree technology?

How often should I replace the blade?

Can the Shav trimmer only be used for shaving intimate areas?

What sets the Shav trimmer apart from other devices?

How to charge the SHAV trimmer?

Simply the best

Why  Shav?


Highest quality

We put 100% of ourselves into making this product. We are proud of it.

Absolute safety

Our device is designed for skin contact (often in key areas) - we have all the necessary certifications.

Thousands of satisfied customers

A solution proven by real users. This is our best recommendation.

Customer service at the highest level

We ensure smooth and hassle-free contact with our customer service
so that every person using our shop is fully satisfied.

Risk free

Buying from us means absolute satisfaction with the equipment you order. We provide a 2-year warranty period against any product defects.

Trusted brand

We are an international company with a presence in many European markets. We are proud to supply the best solutions.

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